Turkey and Transatlantic Relations

A new look at Turkey’s links to its Western allies.

Strengthening Cooperation in the Wider Mediterranean, the Middle East

CTR Managing Director Ambassador András Simonyi and CTR fellow Tea Ivanovic on this year’s Transatlantic Economic Forum.


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Deterring the unthinkable: NATO’s role along the Eastern flank

CTR fellow Hans Binnendijk and Anika Binnendijk write in Defense News about how strengthening deterrence to the east must remain NATO’s top priority.


2017 – 18 Short Term Austrian Marshall Plan Foundation Fellows in Central European Studies

Europe's Illusions

CTR Executive Director Dan Hamilton and authors from three other U.S. institutions respond to Jörg Lau’s and Bernd Ulrich’s criticism of the United States as an ally to Germany in Die Zeit.

Energy & Transportation in the Atlantic Basin

A collaboration between CTR and the Jean Monnet Network on Atlantic Studies.

Interregionalism in the Atlantic Space

This volume looks at shifting connections among and within the four Atlantic continents. It is a result of CTR’s participation in the Atlantic Future project of Atlantic Basin research institutes.

NEW! Eastern Voices

Europe’s East Faces an Unsettled West

Read Judy Dempsey’s review for Carnegie Europe here.

NATO's Northeastern Flank: Emerging Opportunities for Engagement

Daniel S. Hamilton and other authors look at opportunities to strengthen US ties to the region here.

The Marshall Plan 70 Years On - Its Meaning for the United States and Europe

Dan Hamilton commentary in English and in German.

Trump's Jacksonian Foreign Policy and its Implications for European Security

Read Executive Director Daniel S. Hamilton’s new article here.

NEW! The Transatlantic Digital Economy 2017

How and Why it Matters for the United States, Europe and the World by Daniel S. Hamilton.

NEW! The Transatlantic Economy 2017

The latest facts on jobs, trade and investment by Daniel S. Hamilton and Joseph P. Quinlan.

Forward Resilience: Protecting Society in an Interconnected World

In this new study, authors argue that resilience stat st not only be shared, it must be projected forward, and that traditional notions of territorial security must be supplemented with actions to address flow security – protecting critical links that bind societies to one another.

New: Nordic Ways

Nordic Ways is a new book of 45 insightful essays that shed light on a wide range of topics that embody the Nordic way of life.

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