NEW! The Transatlantic Digital Economy 2017:

How and Why it Matters for the United States, Europe and the World by Daniel S. Hamilton.

Why Are Russian Opposition Leaders Democrats at Home and Imperialists Abroad?

CTR Fellow Taras Kuzio writes for the Atlantic Council.

Against the Odds: Driving Defense Innovation in a Change-Resistant Ecosystem

Read CTR Fellow Jeffrey P. Bialos’ new report on defense innovation

Russia’s Cold War Habit

Austrian Marshall Plan Foundation Fellow Vladislav Inozemtsev writes for Project Syndicate.

Joint Air Power Following the 2016 Warsaw Summit – Urgent Priorities

The NATO Joint Air Power Competence Center’s White Paper.

Donald Trump and America’s Grand Strategy: U.S. Foreign Policy Toward Europe, Russia and China

CTR Fellow Klaus Larres writes for Global Policy.

Macron Conquered the French Presidency: Now He Must Secure the Capacity to Govern

CTR Alumni Fellow David Cadier writes for the Finnish Institute of International Affairs.

Pushing Back Against Populism

Senior Fellow Hans Binnendijk & Jeffrey A. Stacey write for U.S. News.

Finance Ministers Should Make a Point of Attending Next NATO Summit


NATO’s Role in post-Caliphate Stability Operations

CTR Senior Fellow Hans Binnendijk & David Gompert write for the National Interest.

Brexit - What Does It Mean for Ireland?

CTR Distinguished Fellow and former Irish Prime Minister John Bruton explains in testimony here.

America Can't Be First Without Europe

Daniel S. Hamilton and Earl Anthony Wayne in The Conversation.

What Ukraine Should Demand of Itself and from the West

Former Ukrainian Finance Minister Natalie Jaresko explains here.

NEW! The Transatlantic Economy 2017

The latest facts on jobs, trade and investment by Daniel S. Hamilton and Joseph P. Quinlan.

Our NATO Partners Should Engage Trump in Brussels

Senior Fellow Hans Binnendijk and former NATO Secretary General Jaap de Hoop Scheffer in Newsweek.

The Future of the “Special Relationship”–Impact of a U.S.-U.K. Free Trade Agreement

Dan Hamilton, Austrian Marshall Plan Foundation Professor, testifies before the House Foreign Affairs Committee. Click here for video and text of the testimony.

Forward Resilience: Protecting Society in an Interconnected World

In this new study, authors argue that resilience must not only be shared, it must be projected forward, and that traditional notions of territorial security must be supplemented with actions to address flow security – protecting critical links that bind societies to one another.

New: Nordic Ways

Nordic Ways is a new book of 45 insightful essays that shed light on a wide range of topics that embody the Nordic way of life.

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