Brexit and its Effect on Ireland

Distinguished Fellow and former Irish Prime Minister John Bruton comments in a speech.

In Trump win, Europeans see threat to 'bedrock' transatlantic values, ties

Non-Resident Fellow Elizabeth Pond’s Commentary for The Christian Science Monitor: The unexpected victory has shocked capitals, which are shifting from chronic crisis management to acute damage control.

Mediterranean Basin: An Assessment of Economic Cooperation

Senior Fellow Aylin Unver Noi, Mediterranean Basin Fellow Samy Boukaila, and Visiting Fellow Tea Ivanovic analyse Mediterranean cooperation in The Huffington Post 

NATO’s Future: A Tale of Three Summits

Senior Fellow Hans Binnendijk analyzes 20 key issues now facing the Alliance and highlights the progress made in Wales and Warsaw.

Oversight of the US Executive: The Congressional Experience and its Lessons for the EU

Cornelia Klugman, European Parliament Research Fellow at CTR, takes a look at US Congressional oversight, and offers recommendations for the European Union.

New: Nordic Ways

Nordic Ways is a new book of 45 insightful essays that shed light on a wide range of topics that embody the Nordic way of life.

The Eastern Question: Russia, the West and Europe's Grey Zone

A new book from the Center for Transatlantic Relations and the German Council on Foreign Relations explores the dramatic changes underway in Europe’s east and offers recommendations for Western policy.

The Path to TTIP 2.0

At its core, TTIP is about far more than trade. It is about creating a more strategic, dynamic and holistic U.S.-EU relationship that is more confident, more effective at engaging third countries while ensuring that standards remain high, and better able to strengthen the ground rules of the international order. TTIP 2.0 must stay true to this higher goal.

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