Trade and Commercial Interactions in the Atlantic Basin: Present and Future Issues

edited by Renato G. Flôres Jr. and Francine T. Martin

In current geopolitics, trade and commercial interests are in continual flux. The Atlantic Basin is host to a major world actor, the United States, and, though far from other key emerging centers, like China, suffers nonetheless from the effects of fast-changing trade and investment global patterns. This volume combines the views of specialists from the Jean Monnet Network with those of diplomats, negotiators and businessmen. It includes chapters dealing with novel aspects of the trade narrative as well as speeches and debates held during the 2018 Rio meeting of the Network. It offers a unique contribution, from an Atlantic Community perspective, to the understanding of a specific moment in the complex developments of the international economic relations.

The Jean Monnet Network on Atlantic Studies, a consortium of 10 research institutions from different Atlantic countries, dedicated a whole year to the encompassing area of trade and related commercial exchanges. The qualification ‘encompassing’ is important because, together with constant advances in technology, regulations and societal changes are transforming the relevant approaches and questions. The chapters in this book reflect this transitional period. This volume, the second in a series sponsored by the Network, has been supported by the Erasmus+ Program of the European Union.

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List of Chapters:

Chapter One – LNG trade in the Atlantic Basin: Situation and Perspectives by Eloy Álvarez Pelegry and Macarena Larrea Basterra
Chapter Two – Trade integration in the Economic Community of West African States: Assessing Constraints and Opportunities Using an Augmented Gravity Model by Rim Berahab and Abdelaaziz Ait Ali
Chapter Three – Trade Interregionalism Between South America and Southern Africa by Frank Mattheis
Chapter Four – EU-LAC Trade Relations in a Post-Liberal Era by Lorena Ruano
Chapter Five – The Diffusion of Fundamental Rights in the Atlantic Basin through EU Trade Policy by Kimberly A. Nolan García
Chapter Six – Public Attitudes to Regional Integration in Atlantic Latin America by Mark Aspinwall
Chapter Seven – EU Values in EU External Relations: An Introduction to Current Legal Instruments by Kirstyn Inglis
Chapter Eight – Current Experience With Nutritional Information in the EU and Chile: How Brazil Could Benefit by Daniele Bianchi
Chapter Nine – China and World Trade by Valdemar Carneiro Leão
Chapter Ten – The Future Prospects and Shape of Trade Agreements in the Atlantic Region: A Round Table by Renato G. Flôres Jr., Moderator, Carlos Mariani Bittencourt, Daniel S. Hamilton, Renato Baumann, and Roberto Fendt
Special Final Chapter – Closing Speech By His Excellency the EU Ambassador to Brazil by João Titterington Gomes Cravinho